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In this province: Murcia , in the town of Molina de Segura

Commercial premises for sale, perfectly adapted for commerce, previously there was a herbalist in it. The premises are divided into two floors, the lower floor is dedicated to commercial activity, in this there is a complete bathroom with a shower. The upper floor is equipped to teach yoga courses and sessions, as well as any other desired activity. In this part, it has a small kitchen, without smoke extraction, but with running water and a refrigerator. It also has a small store. Suitable for locating any type of business with minimal changes in its condition and decoration. Its location is just a few meters from the Mercadona de La Alcayna shopping area and inside its shopping centre, taking advantage of the same car park, which is open and does not close at night. In its proximity there are different types of shops as well as cafeterias and leisure centers.
This property is a construction type Local sin actividad with an area of 100 mts2 built, in the area of Urb. La Alcayna
State: Buen estado. With 1 and 4 rooms. Energy efficiency: Indeterminate
Activities that can be performed in the area: Biking, Hiking,

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