Declaración de obra nueva

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New construction
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The new construction declaration is a notarial deed where the construction of a new building, the existence of a construction or the expansion of a pre-existing one. The purpose of this document is to register the property in the Land Registry.

Why do you as the owner have to have it:
If you are the owner of a farm in which a house is located, it is convenient that you have the declaration of new construction, where the age is specified of the construction and all its characteristics. Without this document, the future buyer will not be able to mortgage this farm, since it does not legally exist. This document makes it possible to sell your farm, without having to wait to find a buyer who has the full amount of the purchase.

How to do it:
We will put you in contact with our technical architects so that they can quote you the new construction declaration report, without any commitment for your part and later make a visit to your farm and issue this report, with which you can already carry out the deed of new work before a notary.

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